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Our Hospital Ambassadors

Olivia, Chief Lap Warmer and Sometimes Drama Queen at Animal House Veterinary Hospital

Olivia - Drama Queen


Olivia is usually at the front desk and tries to make our clients feel at home by jumping in their laps when they sit down.  Of course, she has also been known to climb into people's purses or bags if you leave them unattended!!!

She is a great greeter but a VERY poor patient.  If she ever needs her nails trimmed or medication, (as all of our pets do from time to time), she will thrash and scream and carry on.  She is a good reminder of how our clients feel when they find their pets uncooperative at home!

Leroy, Mr. Jenkins and Shanaynay, Animal House Lawn and Garden Maintenence Crew and reknowned deadbeats.

Leroy and Shanaynay - Lawn and Garden Maintenance


Leroy and Shanaynay are the goats that were hired to maintain the acre of land behind the veterinary hospital. When Dr. Sherry purchased the veterinary hospital in 2005, the entire acre of land was overgrown.  Since the goats were hired, yep, that's right, its still overgrown!!!  They are the biggest group of deadbeat employees you may ever want to meet.  Rather than do their work and fill their bellies, they stand around begging for goat chow and granola bars.  They have been known to escape their pen and walk onto the front porch of the Animal House.  Clients have politely informed us .."Ummm, did you know you have goats on your porch"?!  The bad goats know they will get grain to lure them back to their pen.  They are lazy and conniving!

I must say, I do respect their positive attitude. Recently, a wicked storm blew over a tree, smashing one of their houses. Their response, "If your tree blows over, climb it!!!! After all, every cloud has a silver lining if you only look for it!!

Suzy Q.

Suzy came to us through Jefferson County Animal Control with a prolapsed rectum. Suzy had to have several surgeries in order to fix the prolapse. Over the time frame that she was with us; we fell in love with her. Suzy is a joy to have around the hospital. She likes to run from one end of the hospital to the other at any moment's notice. She loves a good nap in the sunlight and has all the girls trained to give her treats.  Suzy loves all the clients who come in so they can tell her how pretty she is.


Devi came to us a year ago from Jefferson County Animal Control.  We let them know, after losing our precious Jelly Bean, that we would be interested in another Persian or Himalayan cat if one came to their facility.  They ended up finding Devi in an abandoned house, very thin, and completely matted.  No one came to claim her, so they brought her to us.  We had to shave all her hair off and nurse weight back onto her.  And she has been ruling the clinic ever since.  She is very demanding when no one is paying attention to her.  She loves to be brushed and held like a baby.  She is less than 2 years old, so she is our baby.