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Laser Surgery - Animal House Veterinary Hospital - Arnold, MO
A less painful alternative for your pet

Laser Surgery - Animal House Veterinary Hospital - Arnold, MO

How the laser works:

Our CO2 laser emits an intense beam of colorless, infrared light. This is an instrument that is easily controlled; making the laser more precise and efficient than the traditional scalpel. The laser vaporizes the water that is found in tissue, which allows it to cut or remove a small intended area. This allows the laser to instantly coagulate, cut, char, or ablate/vaporize tissue. In turn, this causes less pain, less bleeding, and less trauma to the surgical site. The energy from the laser seals the nerve endings and blood vessels as it moves through the tissues which decreases the potential of blood loss and infection after surgery.


Benefits of Laser Surgery:

Less Pain - The nerve endings are sealed by the laser, which allows your pet to feel less pain after surgery. 

Less BleedingSealing the blood vessels using the laser during surgery allows less bleeding and a quicker procedure. 

Less SwellingWhen the light of the laser comes in contact with the tissues, it will cause minimal swelling in the patient. 

Extreme Precision - The laser only allows the surgeon to the target tissue that is affected or needs to be removed, leaving healthy tissue untouched.

Reduced Risk of InfectionBacteria and micro-organisms are killed off by the high heat of the laser energy. As the laser moves through the diseased areas, it reduces the chance of infection. 

Quicker RecoveryYour pet will likely feel less discomfort after surgery and will return to home to normal activity due to the reasons above. 


Common Procedures Include:

  • Front Declaw
  • Dewclaw Removal
  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Laser Nail Trim
  • Tumor Removal
  • Skin Tag/Small Cyst Removal
  • Gingival/Dental Surgery
  • Soft Palate Procedures