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Dr. Sherry von London
Veterinarian and Owner
Animal House Veterinary Hospital and Grooming Salon

Animal Hous Veterinary Hospital - Arnold, MO - All about our veterinarian Dr. Sherry!


I was born and raised in south county St. Louis, attending St. Martin of Tours grade school and Notre Dame High School. I had wanted a career that would challenge me, utilizing the gifts God has given me to their fullest while also providing a service to my community. An innate passion for all animals eventually led to veterinary school at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Tiger Country!), graduating in 1993 with my doctors of veterinary medicine. I have since practiced in the St. Louis area, eventually obtaining Animal House Veterinary Hospital in 2005.

In addition to practicing veterinary medicine, I have three teenage daughters. We share our home with 3 dogs and 3 cats.

We have two shih tzus, Zsa Zsa and Pixie Stix, both of whom feel responsible for holding the furniture down as they lay on it day and night. In addition, we have a fireball named Squirt who had been abandoned in my neighborhood.

Our feline flock is headed by “Meow,” a stray my parents took in and so creatively named. He is a huge cat with an even bigger attitude. Meow strikes fear in the heart of every dog in the house. ZsaZsa and Squirt just lay low, but if Pixie gets too close to Meow’s airspace she runs screaming past him like the Grim Reaper himself is chasing her with a scythe. It may be important to mention, however, that Meow has never bitten, scratched or even lifted a paw at any of the other animals…..

Meow allows two other cats, Nibbler and Boo, to live at our house also. Nibs and Meow play “war”, every night after the lights are out and everyone else is in bed trying to sleep!

Boo gets in on the action occasionally but she is often in search of any type of box or bag she can jump into, out of and back in again. Cardboard boxes are, of course, one of the greatest sources of joy for all cats…