Survey - Animal House Veterinary Hospital - Arnold, MO

Animal House Veterinary Hospital

ARNOLD, MO 63010



How did you find out about our veterinary hospital?

Driving by
Google Search
A friend or relative recommendation
Animal House Veterinary Hospital website

When I telephoned?
My call was answered promptly
It was easy to make an appointment
I was placed on hold too long
My questions were answered
I was offered to be called back if needed
I did not call
The employee I spoke to on the phone was:
Friendly and courteous
Accommodating and attentive
I did not call
At my visit, the receptionist:
Greeted Me
Was aware of the purpose of my visit
Seemed warm and cheerful
Gave me undivided attention
Seemed hospitable
Answered all my questions or offered to get the information for me
The technician(s):
Told me their name
Greeted me with warmth
Was gentle with my pet
Seemed proficient and knowledgeable
Gave me the information I needed
What was the name of the technician(s) assisting the doctor?


The veterinarian:
Introduced herself/himself
Listened to what I said and answered my questions completely
Described, diagnosed, and treated my pet well
Seemed interested in what I had to say
Gave clear advice about the treatment of my pet
Was professional in manner and appearance
Good at comforting my pet and I
Able to make me feel valued
The veterinarian I saw was:

Dr. Sherry Torregrossa
Dr. Taylor Breuer

My pet was hospitalized
I called for an update
When I called for an update, the technician answered my questions satisfactorily
I was kept updated on the status and plans for my pet

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