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Wellness Care for Your Pet

 Brown Dog

Just like people, animals need routine checkups and vaccinations to ensure their continued health and quality of life.

Our doctors recommend yearly wellness exams to compliment yearly vaccinations as an effective strategy to ensure a long, happy life for your pet.

Canine Yearly Exams

  • Check weight, respiration, ears, eyes, temperature.
  • Full examination.
  • Fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites
  • Heart worm test
  • Required vaccinations; DHLPP combo, Bordetella, and rabies
  • Listen to and address any concerns the owner may have.

You also have the option to add the Lyme vaccine and Influenza (H3N2) vaccination


  • Exam ($60)
  • Rabies (1yr$21.30) (3yr$60)
  • DHLPP ($29.50)
  • Bordetella ($24.70)
  • Heartworm Test ($46.50)
  • Fecal Test ($28.50)
  • Bloodwork ($180-220)
  • Lyme ($58.90)
  • Canine Influenza ($52.50)
  • HW Preventative (ask)
  • Flea&Tick Preventative (ask)

All Packages include Wellness examination, Fecal exam, HWT, Rabies (1yr), DHLPP (1yr), Bordetella vaccine

  • Preventative package($180)
  • Advanced package($240)  with CBC/Chem/UA                ( 1-6  YEARS OLD)
  • Senior package($280) with CBC/Chem/UA/T4/Electrolyte (7 + YEARS OLD )

Feline Yearly Exams

  • Check weight, respiration, ears, eyes, temperature.
  • Full examination.
  • Fecal exam to test for intestinal parasites.
  • Required vaccination; FVRCP combo and rabies

Any kitties that go outdoors are recommended to be tested for FIV/Feline Leukemia. 

Also any kitties that go outside or are exposed to kitties that do are recommended to receive the feline leukemia.


  • Exam ($60)
  • Rabies (1y$21.30) (3yr$60)
  • FVRCP ($28.50)
  • Fecal Test ($28.50)
  • FIV/FeLV Test ($63.50)
  • Leukemia Vaccine ($54)
  • Bloodwork ($180-220)
  • HW preventative (ask)
  • Flea&Tick Preventative (ask)

All Packages include Wellness examination, Fecal exam, Rabies vaccine (1yr), FVRCP (1yr)

  • Feline preventive indoor package ($130) 
  • Feline advanced indoor package ($180) with cbc/chem/UA (1-6 YEARS OLD)
  • Feline Senior indoor package ($220) with cbc/chem/UA/T4/Electrolytes (7 + YEARS OLD)

*Feline outdoor packages are available, ask about details

Senior Work-up*

Just as in people as our pets get older a more in depth examination is recommended. Not only can this help us to diagnose underlying issues, it gives us a base line in many common factors of your pet’s health such as liver and kidney values. This thorough exam includes:

  • ECG
  • Complete comprehensive blood work panels
  • Chest radiography
  • Urinalysis
  • Complete exam


Dental Treatments*

Dental treatments are an important part of your pet’s health plan. As plaque builds up on their teeth it introduces bacteria and infection into their body and blood systems. In order to remove the plaque we need to sedate your pet and use an ultra-sonic scaler and then polish the teeth. Once the plaque has built up brushing alone will not remove the debris. The above listed prices include a standard dental and a geriatric dental. Once your pet has reached eight years of age a geriatric level of treatment is required. We will do blood work before the procedure in order to affirm it is safe to go ahead with anesthesia and an I.V. will be placed and fluids will be given during the procedure.

If any extractions are required there will be extra charges applied. If the doctor suspects that extractions are required before the procedure an estimate can be provided for you.



Our doctors recommend that all pets be spayed and neutered. By having this procedure performed you can not only prevent certain types of cancer and other illnesses you may also prevent certain behavioral issues. All spay/neuters are performed using laser surgery.

If you have any questions about these or any other procedure or treatments we offer please contact us so that we may answer any of your questions.

Prices subject to change.